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Unicorn Energy Healing

Unicorn Energy Healing is very Powerful

Unicorns are very Powerful Healers & may be called upon to connect us with the Crystal Vibrations of Atlantis With their Guidance & Wisdom we can bring their Healing Energy into your Life to assist you or others with deep Healing, Energy blocks, Creative blocks or issues, Clearing & balancing of past traumas and even past life events that may need Harmony & Healing.
Unicorn Energy is certainly very unique, and relates very strongly to the Earth & her Energy.Creative souls, whether they be Actors/Actresses, songwriters, poets, authors or dancers will find Unicorn Energy invaluable as a tool to assist them through any blocks or stale Energies they may experience (creatively wise)
"Unicorn Energy Healing is not Unicorn Reiki it is a unique Energy system in its own right"
I have worked as a Shamanic Healer & Teacher for well over two decades now, I am also a Qualified Angel and Archangel Therapist, Crystal & Colour Therapist plus a Reiki Master Teacher. If you wish to find out more on Unicorn Energy or How to become a Practitioner Healer please email
Distance Healing Sessions are available with this particular Healing Energy form. You will also receive a Full in depth report via email of session plus any `communications` from Spirit, Guides, The Angelic, Elemental or Fey Beings
This Healing is VERY POWERFUL , blocks & negativity are worked upon immediately. Every client of mine has had amazing responses to the distance Healing sessions
Unicorn Energy is ideal for:
  • Healing the Past
  • Healing the Root Chakra
  • Assisting in balancing the Emotions in a Healthy way
  • Releasing Anger/ Frustration safely
  • Coming to terms with loss, grief, bereavement
  • Healing relationships, even those with people now in the `Spirit Realm`
  • Overcoming trauma
  • Recovery from Sexual abuse / violence (acceptance & Healing)
  • Releasing old Hurts, pain, Jealousy that hold us back
  • Ease from Deep rooted illness/ Disease
  • Let go of Fear / Phobias
  • Becoming `grounded` feeling `Whole`becoming connected with the world around you
  • Balancing mind, body & Spirit in harmony
  • recovering from childhood trauma
  • Depression / Negative thinking
  • Insomnia
  • Drug / Alcohol abuse
  • Letting go of Sexual indentity fears
  • Sexual healing (balance & Harmony)
  • Fertility
  • Sacral Chakra
  • Security, feeling safe, Protected
  • Stagefright, pre show fears anxiety
  • Creative blocks in Art / Writing / Media / Performing /Acting
  • Finding courage again, independence
These are just a few of instances that have been helped by Unicorn Energy Healing sessions

Due to its very Powerful Nature this Healing system is unsuitable to Animals & Children

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