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Workshop: Meet your Power Animal, Animal Guardians, Medicine Animal Totem

This is a exciting & enlightening Workshop, essential part of any Shamanic Training & Apprenticeship

You will be Taught
How to approach & communicate with your Power Animal
Learn who / what they are
Understand the Ancient Wisdoms
Do`s & Dont`s!
Develop a Honourable & Safe relationship with your Beings
Shaman Basics of Underworld Travelling
Protection & Guidance at all times!
Healing & Messages from your Own Power Animal
Sacred Wisdom
You will receive a Certificate upon completion of this workshop

£55 per person

email :
No Prerequisite required
3rd September 2012
7pm - 10pm

Limited places available

Introduction to Spirit Guides & Helpers

This informative & enlightening workshop introduces you to the Realms of Spirit, in particular meeting your Spirit Guides & Helpers

This course is suitable for absolute beginners as well as those more adept in Spiritual Communication

This workshop will teach you in a safe & fully Protected way how to contact Your Own Spirit Guides

You will also learn

Spirit Guides, Helpers, Guardians, Gatekeepers....who/what are they?
Spirit Realm...what is it?
Protection & Grounding (Keeping safe!)
Do`s & Dont`s
Understanding how Spirit Communicate
Who is YOUR Spirit Guide...lets meet them & find out more!

You will receive the foundations of understanding of Spirit communication plus a certificate of completion

£55 per person

No prerequisite required

Please contact
17th September 2012
7pm - 9.30pm
(2012/13 Dates available upon request)

Introduction to Shamanism


An introduction to some of the more basic skills of Shamanism

This one day workshop offers you the chance to see if the Shamans Path really is for you, & provides a safe & enlightening chance to experience Shamanic skills such as

Journeying, Walking between the Worlds
Messages from Our Power Animals & Guardians
Communication of the Ancestors
Mother Earth
We are all related
The Gift

This is a gentle yet Powerful experience for many who choose to join me on this workshop

You will be taught in a respectful & safe manner

Upon completion of this workshop you will receive your certificate & a Stone Being companion (Spirit Crystal) that has spoken to me (Buffalo Healing Woman) in a wish to be your Guide upon your Journey & assist you in walking your Path with Blessings

£85 per person

No prerequisite required

Please contact

8th October 2012


(2012/13 Dates available upon request)


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