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Receive a unique and personal channelled message from your own Faery Guide.

If you would love to know more about your Faery or Elemental Guide, here is an excellent chance to learn & understand more.
You will be introduced to your own Faery Guide and begin a wonderful positive relationship!
Once communication links have been established for you it will, over time become much easier for you personally to receive their loving communications of your own Faery Guides & Helpers.

Channelled messages are always personal to you.
Just as everyone has there own personal Angels, it is a little known fact that everyone also has their very own personal Faery or Elemental Being 
from the other Realm as a Guide, Guardian, Teacher and or Spiritual Helper.

These beautiful enlightened beings wish to communicate with us and to assist us in many ways, such as Healing, 
personal relationships, careers and of course on spiritual matters. Each and every being will bring with them insight into their own unique gifts that they wish to share with you, as well as messages concerning matters in your own unique lifepath (past, present or Future).
They may share Ancient Knowledge, such as healing or correct use of Magic.
They may tell you of past lives if it is of benefit or Healing to you. 
In fact Your messages could include any of the above or all of them! 
But that is the Faery Folk all over isnt it? You just cannot pigeon hole or second guess them!
 You can never say for certain what you will get or who will come through to communicate. 
All I can guarantee is that all messages are genuine channelled messages via myself journeying to the Faery Realm with my own Guide to meet your own personal Guides and Teachers.
I cannot guarantee whether your being will be a nature spirit, a unicorn or a mermaid or that they will even give me there True name (although most do). All messages are very in depth, contain loving advice, lots of detail and will help you become attuned to your beings on a personal one to one level.

Often the person receiving the message will sense there Faery Guide & Friend around them, it is a truly Healing & Loving experience

Many Blessings 
May You always know Love

Upon purchase you will be required to email me at the address below with your Full Name,
What you are known as, i.e your nickname,
together with your Date of Birth.
This will allow me to establish a connection with you and your Faery Guide.



Please read through the disclaimer page before purchase!
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