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Healing List
Please find here a list of People & Animal Friends who are currently in my Healing Book
If you could take a moment to send a Loving Prayer or Healing Thought it would be most gratefully received by all. Thank you
If you know of anyone who would like to be included within The Faery Realm Healing list please email me with details. Email addresses and full names will not be published. All correspondence is highly confidential at all times. You may include photos of your Animal Friends if you wish


Barbara- uk - Barbara is going through a difficult time right now, many changes, Please send Healing Love & support to this lovely lady


Ashleigh- uk -Please send Prayers & Healing to my Dear Friends young teenage daughter who is undergoing yet another surgery to treat skin cancer. This beautiful bright & normally bubbly young lady needs lots of Healing & comfort please help


Mary j, uk- Mary is a fantastic lady, with beautiful energy. Unfortunately after undergoing several surgeries has been left with quite major unresolved issues. The Angelic Ones have been assisting , plus Mary actually `saw` my dear Grandfather in Spirit!  Please take a moment to send Mary some Supportive Healing Energies. Blessings**


James B, Usa - James has asked that we concentrate some Healing Energy for his Greater good on his Broken leg, its not healing as easily as would be liked. Blessings**


Angela R, Uk - Angela has requested a Healing Energy boost, usually bubbly & vibrant a recent bout of viruses & flu has left her out of sorts, Supportive Healing. Blessings**


Jo-Jo, uk- Tells me that she would really like some assistance in Healing the past. Blessings**

Sara, Uk- Sara has requested Healing & Extra positive Energy to be sent to her to hopefully give her the boost she is needing right now. Ill health and flagging Energy levels have depleted this usually upbeat lady. Please help if you can to get Sara back on track
Tim & Wife- Tim asked with his wifes consent that we all send much needed Healing & Loving support of the Faery & Angelic Realm as his wife undergoes yet further Chemo for Breast Cancer. I believe that both could use some Loving Healing Energy at this time so they can remain strong and supportive of one another. You are in our Prayers.

Animal Friends

Hi there, my name is Cheeky, I’m 10 years old and a very sweet Staffordshire Bull Terrier (so i’m told!). I’m very sad at the moment, as i was a much loved pet and my owner sadly passed away. I’m a very good girl that gets on with everyone and everything, but am looking for a quiet, gentle home. I am hard of hearing, so a little patience wouldn’t go amiss either.

For further details, please contact Margaret Green Animal Rescue’s Wingletang Farm branch in Devon on 01822 810215.



FOSTER home needed urgently in Yorkshire/Lincoln

We have a 3 legged dog who Doris Banham homed last year. The owners have now decided they dont want him and returned him to my freinds house at the weekend. Joanne (DB volunteer) has 5 dogs already and Leo doesnt like dogs so we just need a short term fosterer to help us until we can find Leo a home. We have posters out everywhere. We dont want to put him in kennels as he slips all over and hurts himself. We originally got him from the Yorkshire pound a year ago where he was having a terrible time in kennels.

please can anyone help us with fostering Leo, preferably in Yorkshire, so potential home offers can come to see him.

Hi my name is Leo

I’m looking for a new and permanent home and would like to tell you a little bit about myself.

I’m a male lab cross of sandy colouring as you can see in my pictures and I am around 4-5 years of age.

I am very loving and affectionate and love human company; I am brilliant with strangers and also very good with children. I am very well behaved in the house and am toilet trained as well as being a great passenger in the car. You are unable to see in my pictures but I only have 3 legs, this was due to a traffic accident a few years ago. However only having 3 legs does not affect me in the slightest and I lead a full and active life. I love lots of exercise and love chasing my ball, I also love relaxing and enjoy nothing more than plenty of cuddles and attention!!!!

One thing I am not so keen on is other dogs and cats, so would be suited to a home with no other pets. I would also need an enclosed garden and someone who is at home quite a lot, as I love Love Company. I am currently living in a foster home.

If you would like some more information or like to meet me
Please call Joanne on
07858600395 or 01943 879157

Hope to hear from you soon, love Leo x x x

07598 108247
At this time of year we are inundated with hedgehogs too small to be out there in the big wide world. These are the ones that have been born too late to have had time to put on the necessary fat to carry them through the winter. If they stay all winter with us they cost £40 each in food alone, so this is what we are asking for.
Tins of cat food, non cereal based, the meaty varieties, supermeat is best as some of the chunks come with a lot of jelly and gravy, but any of the well known good quality foods will be much appreciated.

We cannot collect your donations from you I am afraid unless you have an amount that requires the van, the reason for this is fuel costs, we would end up spending more in collecting than we would recieve in food. However, for people living in Gloucester we have a drop off point with Louise in Abbeymead, and for people in Stroud and surrounding area there is Jean in Lightpill. All you need to do is ring or email with your details and we will get them to contact you and arranged a mutually convenient time for you to drop off the goodies.
Those of you in Cirencester or indeed anyone else who can make the trip can ring the centre for directions and come on out and see us, you would be most welcome.
With an expected 60 or 70 hedgehogs this winter we are looking at a food bill of over £3,000 let alone the electricty to stop them from getting cold and the rest of the inmates.
Please help us to help these little hedgehogs through winter to release in the spring.

Thank you

Oak & Furrows Wildlife Rescue
9 Elm View
Somerford Keynes

Tel: 01285 862439

Charity No. 1115926

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