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Introduction to the Faery Realm

This Workshop is a fantastic way to learn about the Faery Realm and its many Beings and Elementals.
On this enchanting day long workshop you will:

Be introduced to the Faery Realm in a Safe & Protected way,
Learn who & what the Faery Folk truly are,
Discover your own Personal Fey Guide or Guardian,
Learn how to connect & communicate with them personally.
Receive an introduction to the 7 Fey Clans.
Communicate with the Faery Folk/ Nature beings.
Become aware of the Magical aspects of Working with the Fey folk & Elementals
Learn who & what is `safe` to contact & who & what are best to be avoided!
Faery folk myths, Legends & Reality.
Learn how Faery Energy can assist you in your Health & daily Life.
Receive an Attunement to the Faery Folk to enhance Psychic abilities (Optional)

Plus you will be
 awarded a Personalised Certificate of Completion for this Workshop & Attunement

Become a Unicorn Energy Healing Practitioner

Learn how to bring forth the Healing Energies of Atlantis & develop a deeper connection to the Crystal realms.
Unicorns are very Powerful Healers & may be called upon to connect us with the Crystal vibrations of Atlantis.
Once attuned to their wonderfully Healing & wise Energy you can call upon the powerful Healing / cleansing & Enlightening
vibrations of all the Crystalline world for enhancement of your treatments to self & others.
Join us & Learn more about who these Magic Beings really are
Learn how to work with Unicorn Energy & be Connected with your own Unicorn Teacher Allie, Guardian or Totem/Medicine Being.
With their Guidance & Wisdom you can bring their Healing Energy into your Life to assist you or others with
deep Healing, Energy blocks, Creative blocks or issues, Clearing & balancing of past traumas and even
past life events that may need Harmony & Healing
Unicorn Energy is certainly very unique, and relates very strongly to the Earth & her Energy.
Unicorn Attunements are suitable for all those wishing to learn a self-healing technique
it is especially beneficial for those who already work within the Healing arena as Unicorn Energy
easily compliments many therapies as well as being a good stand alone treatment for many clients.
Unicorn Energy is also suitable for those wishing to learn a wonderful Earth Healing method to give something back to Our Mother Earth
Unicorn Energy may also be used for Shamanic purposes, although this is really should only
be undertaken by those experienced & Trained in Shamanic journeying.
Creative souls, be they Actors, songwriters, singers, poets, authors or dancers will find
Unicorn Energy invaluable as a tool to assist them through any blocks or stale energies
they may experience (Creatively wise)
Please contact for further information & Booking details

You will find Unicorn Energy is VERY Powerful & Enlightening
This is a Full Day Workshop
You will need to provide your own lunch, although light refreshments will be provided for break periods

Certificates will be awarded for successful completion of this workshop & Attunement
Discover your own Fey Faery or Elemental Guide

This workshop has been especially created so that you may personally connect with your
own Faery or Elemental Guide.
Just as we all have our own Personal & Guardian Angels who watch, protect and support us,
we also all have our own Faery and or Elemental guides and Guardians who wish to assist us from the Faery Realm.
No previous Psychic training required.
Together we will open the doorway to developing a beautiful and Enlightening relationship
between you and your Guide
During this workshop you will be formally introduced (The Fey often prefer this)
You will be given their names as well as personal messages.
You will find out who (what) they are & how they wish to assist you with your Life Path
The Faery/ Elemental Energy will be blended with your
own so that you will not only be able to recognise when they are close
but also see, hear or sense them (depending upon their Energy preference)
This Workshop is an active one, you will be asked to attend with an open heart & mind
Many Students find the experience not only uplifting but also some find it deeply healing.
Some students have told me that this training day has triggered them
into remembering there Guides within their hearts from long ago
"Dreams" they experienced in childhood & even past life memories!

This Introduction to your Faery Elemental Guide will also cover:

Who/what are Faery & Elemental Guides.
Working with your Faery or Elemental.
How to deepen your relationship & communication.
Rules! Important Faery & Elemental etiquette.
Psychic Protection for you, your family & your home.
Faery & Elementals in Magick & Healing.
Fun, Laughter & Friendship!
we look forward to meeting you soon
Light refreshments will be provided during breaks.
Discover your Faery/Elemental Guide Workshop.

Certificate Awarded

Nature Beings, Fairies & Sprites

This workshop allows a deeper understanding of these very special (and rather unique) beings.
Not to be confused with the Fey Folk or Elementals, these being are of a completely different Energy
and spend most of their lives here on the Earth plane working tirelessly (some do grumble a fair bit mind!)
on behalf of our planet and its lifeforms.
Nature beings can some times appear to us in the typical Flower Fairy form that so many now think of as Faery/Fairies.
As you will find out on this workshop they are not quite the little `Tinkerbell` darlings you
may have been led to believe!
Be prepared to wipe the Fairydust from your eyes!
This workshop is a must for all those who really wish to know the truth behind
the pretty commercial images that adorn so many homes. 
By understanding these remarkable beings we enrich our lives and may form a greater bond not only with them but the Earth herself.

On our Training day you will discover:

 Who & what these amazing beings really are?
How to recognise Nature being / Fairy Energy?
Friend or Foe! Learn to establish the difference! Dont be fooled...
not all thats pretty and cute looking has the best intentions!
How and if to approach these beings (many welcome our assistance).
Your responsiblity in befriending these beings.
The work of the Nature Folk.
Connecting to the Natural World.
Psychic & other forms of protection.
How you can help?
 No previous psychic knowledge/training required
This is a one day workshop
Tea & Coffee provided

 Certificate Awarded

Healing with Faeries

Become attuned to the powerful Healing Energies of the Faery Folk.
This workshop & attunement offers you the opportunity to learn not only how to heal yourself, but also how to heal your friends, family, as well as animals, plants and Mother Nature too.
Faeries are amazing high vibrational beings that dearly wish to assist us,
particularly with Healing.
Faery energy is suitable for any type of healing, emotional,
physical, mental and or indeed Spiritual.
This healing system works wonderfully on its own or when combined with
other treatments such as Reiki, Colour Therapy, Crystal Healing
as well as Flower essences.
I personally find this a very effective healing method when
treating children & babies.
It is a very gentle yet powerful energy to work with.

This training day will include:

 An individual Attunement to Faery Healing Energy.
An introduction to your Faery Healing Guide.
(If not already known to you through previous workshops)
Psychic Protection.
How to prepare yourself for Healing (cleansing, balancing & grounding).
How to self heal.
How to give Healing treatments to others.
Healing Animals.
Treating Children.
Healing plants and the Garden.
Healing the Land, Mother Nature.
Responsiblities as a Healer.
 Certificate Awarded

Faery Ancestors, Past Lives & Bloodlines.

Do you believe you are part Faery?
Dont worry you`re not alone!
This exciting workshop explores our own Faery connections.
Many of us are part Faery Fey or Elemental
Sometimes its just a `feeling` we have, others
just `know` they are a little different somehow?
The aim of this workshop is to reconnect and rediscover who your Faery Ancestors are, or if you may be part Faery/Elemental?
Perhaps have lived aFaery past life?
Learn more about `The Bloodlines`.

On this workshop we will cover:

Where Faery Folk have `married` (or not)Humans and have choosen to have children.
These Fey gave up the Faery Realm forever as they could not go back....
for the greatest of all treasures....Love!
Our Faery or Elemental Ancestors ( Who are they?)
Visiting the Faery Realm.
Past life memories of Faery Lives (there is often more than one!)
What does it mean to be part Faery Elemental?
Understanding yourself......the Human Faery nature.

Certificate Awarded
How to read Faery Oracles & Cards.

Do you want to be confident in giving readings for yourself and for others?
This workshop is suitable for beginners as well as those with some prior knowledge.
We will be looking at how the Faery Folk communicate with us through oracles and cards.

This training day will include topics such as:
Various Decks and Oracles (to find which best suits your own Energies).
Learning how to cards "talk" to us.
Connecting with Faery Energy.
How to read for yourself.
How to read for others.
Psychic protection and grounding.
Caring for your Cards & Oracles, cleansing and charging.
Making your own simple Oracles or Cards for daily guidance and deeper understanding.
 Certificate Awarded

Connecting with the Elven Ones, Elf Clan.

 Elven Ones make up one of the 7 clans of the Faery Realm.
This workshop is designed to really look more closely at who the Elven Ones really are.
Maybe you sense that you are connected through the `Bloodlines` (have Elven Ancestors)?
or that you have memories of an Elven past life?  Perhaps you just feel drawn to learning more about these wonderful beings (you may have been directed here by an Elven Guide?)
I admit I do have rather a weak spot for the Elven Ones, I just adore their wonderful energy.
Actually their Energies belong to the `Royal Court` in which also
resides Archangel Michael plus many Fire & Air Elementals. Just to give you a
sense of the Spirit Energy with them.
(The Royal Court is somewhat akin to what many understand as `Soul Groups`, of which there are many, each unique with its own type of Energy pattern, make up and Spiritual purpose. There are also many UnRoyal Courts too!)
Elven Ones are remarkable beings.
Spending a day in there company is like no other.

On this workshop we will be looking at:

 Who are the Elven Ones?
Bloodlines, The Human Elves.
Humans with Elf Energy patterns (particularly children & young adults).
Human Heroes in history & legends. Our Elven Warriors & Protectors.
How to connect & communicate with the Elven Ones.
Elf characteristics & Energies, how to recognise them.
Elf etiquette.
How can The Elven Ones assist us?

Certificate Awarded

Pixies, Who are they really?

Peskies (they prefer this term for their Clan name rather than Pixie!)
These are High Vibrational beings who possess a most unusual & sometimes uncomfortable Energy.
Have you ever felt like you`re being watched?......a feeling that was accompanied
by a very uneasy & unsettling fear that you just couldnt shake?
Have you ever felt like their may be something lurking? ready to jump out at you in the dark?
If yes, then you`ve probably experienced Peskie Energy already!
The Peskie Folk dont mean (well most the time) to have such an effect on us,
They are in fact most wonderful beings whom some of us are lucky enough to have as Guides or Teachers.
Unfortunately our `fear` response does tend to make them back away from us as they do not wish to make us feel afraid.
Nothing on Earth is quite like the Energy of the Peskie Folk so be prepared for something very different!
When in teaching in my study psychic circles many of my students will pick up on my own Peskie Guide, a few have become quite flustered as they believe them to be an alien! (this tends to make me giggle)
This workshop day will cover:

Who & what are the Peskie Clan Folk?
Becoming accustomed to their unique Energy.
Connecting with the Peskie Folk (Guides & Teachers)
Tricky misunderstandings!!
The importance of laughter....what are the Peskies true lessons for us Humans
How can Peskies assist us?
Peskie etiquette

 Certificate Awarded

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