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Do you have a question for us here at The Faery Realm?
We receive many emails and letters requesting further information and advice on a great variety of issues and subjects
We have included here with permission some of these correspondances together with our replies. We hope they will be of interest
(Please note names/locations and some words vary from actual emails and communications received)
is there a dark side to feY magick?
Thank you for your question;
That really is a rather more complicated question that it may at first appear. Indeed the Fey are beings of light, near they same energy vibration as Angelic ones, so no their particular energy could not be used for harm or ill.
But...and here is the real answer, there are many many Fairy/ nature/ Elemental beings who are `neutral` beings (many are very unapproachable) That humans have gained knowledge of and can `harness` for want of a better word and direct that energy into there Magickal workings. But I must stress that really all Magickal workings is `using and harnessing Energy` that, then depending upon the human can be directed in either way!
Humans have the ability to choose to work neutrally or for the greater good or even for deeper personal issues such as malice and desire. It is here that the darker side is shown.
Working with Faery Magic is usually a very positive and uplifting experience.
I would say the so called darker elements are only there if the human working has darker vibrations and intentions that attract like for like.
I hope this has helped?
Best wishes
Is it possible to have a fairy spirit? The other life being a fairy and this life being a human, with some abilities and connection to earth and the elements? If so, why human this time? Isn´t that going backwards?
Sorry for these questions, I just feel a bit lost and needing a little light at the end of the tunnel
Hello, Firstly...absolutely you may have a Faery/Fey Spirit!
Let me do my best to try and explain a little without boring you by waffling on too much.
Many `Humans` are in fact not `all` human. Some are what I term BLOODLINE FEY meaning that in their Ancestry they have a Fey/Faery or in rare cases an Elemental biological Ancestor. This may sound rather strange, but there was a time when the Faery clans were much much closer to the Humans. Many Elven warriors (elves) came to reside with those they found kinship with in this Earthly dimension and did settle with `human` wives...and husbands! to have very special and gifted offspring for example.
Admittedly not all Faery clans were able to intergrate totally into the `human` dimension and had no desire to stay for love nor offsprings as their vibrational energy was extremely high.
After all the Fey/Faery folk are the Angels and Archangels of tomorrow so to speak!
So there are Part human/Fey biological people here, but also we have those Faeryfolk (and Elemental) that have choosen to be borne into a human body too. Now they do pick a BLOODLINE body I admit, one with Ancestral line, as this helps them cope basically. Faery humans are really very different to the human humans as I call them lol.
Now these beings that choose to incarnate here on Earth do so usually (not always) as a Spiritual request of  assistance by the Angels. For once incarnated here.....there is no real going back! Yes you can visit The Faery Realm, yes the Fey Spirits still greet you as there own....but you are forever changed. Only those of great Spirit, Strength and Fortitude return here as Human Faery folk. Their life path is too change the Earth, Heal, raise the Vibration of the people (humans) and the planet! No mean feat!
I meet so many people that I can just see are Elementals or Faery in truth, it is absolutely amazing. All have abilities....all have a connection still, even if they dont see it themselves personally.
Also I once thought oh it must be a step backwards being here.....then I did kinda think hey thats not fair being stuck half and half, but my Guide told me not to think so blinkered. He told me that we have made great sacrifices through our Love of Earth and ALL beings to come here into this very dense plane of existence to make a difference and to serve. Although we can no longer evolve into the realms of the Angelic Ones we can evolve into a New Being! Not confined by the Human heart....but a being set free by keeping its Faery Soul. So it isnt a step backwards its a step forward.....but as with all matters Faery lol...that doesnt mean its straight ahead...its more diagonal!
I hope that helped a little and I didnt talk too much? Please do forgive my awful spelling mistakes too
Much Love and Sunshine to you My Faery Friend
Hi The Faery Realm, Are you a White witch or a Black witch?
Hello, thank you for getting in touch. Im really not keen on all these labels that people use. I wouldnt actually call myself a witch at all be it black white or sky blue pink (although im sure ive been called that and worse before!) Witch these days does rather denote someone following the Wicca Path. But there are so many Pagan Paths one can never be sure exactly. Although I have studied the Wiccan way I would not call myself a Wiccan nor a witch. And although I do work `Magical` it is more based on my own Spirituality and Cultural upbringing.
White or Black.....folk can get pretty hung up on this. There is no real white nor black as in good or evil (sorry if that dissappoints) Witchcraft as a general rule of thumb worked by the reed `and it harms none` meaning that they do not wish to adversely effect anyone or anything....after all Karma is a powerful energy and would send all troubles (and kindness) back threefold to the sender!
Admittedly there are those that do have their own best interests at heart and act selfishly and even cruelly I guess you could label them `black witches`? but on the whole I find there is a balance. So called white witches (I do know many who refer to themselves as such) who are amazingly powerful Healers and seers.
As for me im neither. I dont like to use the term psychic nor to call myself a medium, I dont even like being refered to as a Healer. I just am who and what I am.
Thinking about calling cards....I am a Faery and Elemental Educationalist.....I think that sums things up pretty nicely :)
I am really interested in fairys but i live in a city. Where can I go to see them?
Faery folk are everywhere my friend. Just because you live in a big city it does`nt stop you from seeing them. In fact I have experienced alot of Faery Realm activity in amongst crowded urban life. I would suggest starting whilst still at home..........Homes often have Faery visitors that most dont even notice. Take some quiet time out and you have a hobby such as painting? sketching? sewing perhaps. These are great activities that draw in the Creative Faery beings. Do think to yourself that you would dearly love Faery contact...then set about your task/hobby. If you dont have a hobby try cooking, baking even singing or should be something you know something where you become totally engrossed and caught up in what youre doing that time seems to speed up and you almost lose yourself. This is when your quite likely to notice the first small signs (thats if you remember to look out for them!) Tiny sparks, flashes of light.....putting down an item you were find it in a different place when you look for it again. Sometimes people actually feel tickles especially gently around their hands and face....these are all good signs that the Creative Fairy are with you. Once youve experienced this sensation a few times and are settling your own energy to theirs you can start to move to the next stage.....seeing and sensing. When you recognise the already learnt sensations try stopping what your doing, sit down somewhere, safely and comfortably and just close your eyes......notice any coldness or warmth....try to sense where in the room they maybe....this is an excellent exercise that anyone can try. Gradually you will become more and more aware of soft feathery touches and little breezes around you. Some people experience audiables such as metallic rings and high pitched buzzes. Experiment with these sensations and you will find each time more little curious oddities are noted. Good luck and have fun!
Let me know how you get on
I have seen that you offer free healing for children. I am a single parent on a very limited budget. My son is 17 nearly 18. He is having a terrible time with hormones and adjusting to adulthood the main problem is his skin, its affected very badly. Will he be able to have free healing?
Yes he will, I do require parental consent to treat any child under 18. If you would care to write back and include your postal address we can start immediately with distance healing and I will send your son a herbal skin blend that I have made with 100% natural ingredients to help ease his condition as much as possible. Remember it is always important to continue taking any medication prescribed by your G.P
I think bad fairies are living in my house, they are really starting to frighten me. I dread going home. How do I get rid of them for good?
I asked my Faery Guide to drop by your home and check this situation out for me. You see its not that I disbelieve you, its just that I often deal with clients who believe `bad fairies` have cursed them or set up residence in their home. Only to find this is not the case at all.
I also work as part of a paranormal team my specialist area is what most would refer to a `Demons` and `possession`so I clear many homes (and people) from these negative Energies. Back to the question.....There are no bad fairies as such. The Fey Faery clans are only positive higher vibrational beings. Fairy/nature beings on the other hand are neither one nor the other, but Elemental beings are a whole other chapter. Whilst many Elementals are extremely high vibrational beings who work so hard to assist us by healing and teaching (Unicorns, Dragons, Mermaids NOT MERMEN!) Others take great delight in being a hinderance to us "Fleshbags" as they so unaffectionately refer to humans.
Now my Guide tells me that it is one of the latter that has been causing such a commotion at your home. They are being a right pain in the backside and their delighted that theyve managed to scare you so much. If you could see their true form you would be frightened at all! 
Although they give off the illusion of being a huge black smokey shape that takes a preference to hovering behind you or appearing in doorways (especially as you try to sleep) do please remember that this is just to trick you. Whilst making the psychic connection through my Guide this tormenting being tried to kid me that his appearance was of having large red glowing eyes and sharp fangs. I think he was feeling threatened by my Guides presence at your home (he knows he shouldnt really be there) All this is huff and puff....a big con to try a pretend to be much more menacing that he actually is. In reality this being stands barely a foot and a half tall, he is brown and leathery looking standing on thin stick like little legs supported by what look like little brown frogs webbed feet. His face looks old mottled and weathered and reminds me of decaying wintertime leaves. Strangely he chooses to wear a brown hat that points upwards with crude stitching.......really not scary at all.
Now the important fact remains....not that he is there......but why is he there? How did he get into your home and start ruling the roost so to speak. Because as far as he is concerned this is now his home.
Please feel free to contact me if you would like me to assist you in removing this being.

Please remember you should always seek professional medical, veterinary, legal or other services to resolve issues

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