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Animal Healing Workshops & Courses


Foundation Level Workshop

This is Level I in our Animal Communication Workshops

Suitable for those wishing to Learn Energy Healing for there OWN pets & Animal Friends

This is a Full day workshop

This is open to everyone, no previous skills or knowledge required

These are held throughout the UK as well as International

£55 per person

The Practitioner Level Workshop

This is Level II In our Animal Healing Workshops

Suitable for those wishing to assist Healing for others Pets & Animal Friends on a client basis

Setting up OWN Practice as a Animal Healer/ Therapist

This is a Full day workshop

£85 per person

Level I completion Required

The Shamans Way, Animal Healing Workshop

Suitable for those that wish to travel the Shamans Path

Shamanic energy Healing is a different form of Healing & requires dedication as well as respect

This Workshop is in depth & Informative

Teaching Shamanic skills & Healing Energy contact to the Animal Kingdom

This is a 2 day event minimum

It is only for those who are serious about their commitment to Animal Healing

Places are very Limited as I will only work with a maximum of 3 students at a time in this level

For further information or enquiries about these or any of our workshops training courses

please contact me


Workshops available in these areas:

South Wales

(2010/2011 Dates available upon request)


Wildlife Nature Animal Healing

As an expression of Love & Respect to Our Mother & Creator we now provide Animal Healing Training to those who are willing to work with us in our Rituals & Healing Rites connected with Mother Earth & Nature

This is not the type of training you may receive as listed above, this is Animal Healing Training in Nature with Nature it is very much of the Shamanic Tradition but it can be enjoyed by all

With this training you dont have the comfort of a classroom, nor the priviledge of wont receive a scholarly qualification (Although you may wish to receive a Certificate of completion from myself Buffalo Healing Woman).....what I can say is that you will probably get muddy, cold & possibly wet! (Depending on weather)

You may have the company of Nature beings, Elementals or the Fey...but you will be giving back some much needed Healing Energies to Mother Earth & The Nature around you

(this is only for the brave......or the foolish? again...depends on your own point of view I guess!)


If you are still interested in joining with me on these occasions (once a month) Please do email me


We regularly hold these meetings in the areas listed below






South Wales





we are looking forward to commencing our first meetings at the following







Join us if you can!

Animal Communication Workshop

This One day workshop teaches Animal Communication & is ideal for learning to hear the `voice` of your own dear Animal Friend

You will be gently guided on how to `read` our Animal Friends

How to develop the `hearing` needed

Understanding Animal Communication

Symbols & Signs

This is a hands on practical day to experience & enjoy

Upon sucessful completion of this workshop you will receive a certificate of qualification

£65 per person

No prerequisite required

Please contact

Workshops available in these areas:
South Wales


(2010/2011 Dates available upon request)

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