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 One to One Mentoring and Tuition

We are now pleased to be able to offer one to one mentoring either in their own home or in a prearranged location.
We now offer one to one in person training for all workshops advertised as well as for Reiki tution and attunements.
If you would like to arrange a one to one mentoring session please contact me directly with your details and specific needs/ requirements.
Not only do we offer one to one training, development, readings, healing and attunement sessions, we also work on a one to one basis for those who simply wish to find direction on their own unique Spiritual path. 
Many wish to talk about their experiences, to share with someone who understands, so that they may then become more aware in which direction their own lifepath is leading. Perhaps you feel guided to becoming a Healer?...but your unsure if this is really for you?...or in which area your natural talents lie? 
Maybe you are Psychic but it frightens you? perhaps you would like guidance as how to turn this ability off?
If you would like to arrange a Spiritual Consultant session please contact me for further details
Many Blessings & Loves Light upon you

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