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Welcome to The Faery Realm
Take my hand and let me lead you where I will, for together we may Journey to a place where the Magical fills the Heart and Healing enters the Soul.
Welcome Home Friend..............You have been away too long!
Here at The Faery Realm we hope you will enjoy our small website. Our aim is to provide information on all matters Faery (and Elemental too!)
The Faery Folk and Elemental beings do so dearly wish too assist us in so many ways. Many of these beings act as our guardians and guides without us even knowing!
It does seem that angels and angelic beings are very much the `fashion` nowadays. Many people of a spiritual nature readily accept they may have a personal angel or a guardian angel watching over them. Some will even meditate to communicate with these wonderful beings. Whilst this is wonderful news in itself, it does mean that our dear Faery friends tend to get overlooked! I wish to change this. I want everyone who is ready to hear from their Faery and elemental guides/guardians. So that they may become in connected once again, with the VERY REAL Faery Realm and bring the Magic back into their lives.
Ok, so we do see some pretty little flower Fairy pictures and ornaments adorning many gift shops these days. And the Faery Creatures of `Fairy Tales` still manage to capture many a Childs (and some adults too!) heart. Yet can this really be compared to the REAL `Faery Folk?
Faery Beings are very High Vibrational Beings. They are amazing Teachers and Spiritual Guides, and it saddens me that the `Great Gifts` they bestow upon Humans have been so neglected and forgotten for far too long now.
Is it not time to `wake up`......and remember? Many of us have become disconnected and even lost from who we truly are.
I want everyone who has a open Heart (and mind?) to experience the `Truth` of the Faery a safe and respectful way (yes it is true, there are rules!).
I work daily with my own Fey Guides and Guardians and my life has become enriched thanks to their Love and Wisdom.
Being back in the arms of Nature and the embrace of Mother Earth is truly a Blessing that we all should have a chance to re-explore and enjoy.
The Faery Realm is home not only to the 7 Clans of the Fey, but also many, many Elemental beings such as Unicorns, Dragons, Ancient Ones (Our Ancestors Gods & Goddesses), as well as Mermaids to give but a few examples.
Each has there own Unique Energy and Wisdoms to impart and share with us.
Many wish to Teach us, Others wish to Heal us, or wish that we Heal others with their pure Energy.
Maybe you have found your way here because there is a longing in your Heart to `Return Home`.
You know your Soul is part Fey......I understand.... I am here to Light the way, take my hand and let us begin Our Journey together my Friend.
Welcome Home xx
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Blessings From the Heart** 



"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies..... 
within us".
by Ralph Waldo Emerson 




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